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    Top 10 Quran Apps for Android 2021

    Best Quran Apps for Android: Whether we are traveling or stuck in our prayer time, we can simply navigate into our Holy Quran by using the Top 10 Quran Apps for Android 2021.  Now more than ever, we can enjoy ourselves reading the Holy Quran and listening to it in an audio MP3 form. We can do all of this on Google play store which not only allows us to enjoy the Holy Quran in its various languages but also enables us to have a flexible experience that best fits with our needs.

    Here are the following Top 10 best Quran Apps that can be employed based on our research and personal use:

    Top 10 best Quran Apps

    1. Quran for Android

    This is one of the best Quran apps for android smart devices. It contains plenty of features that allow us to dive into the real-life experience while reading the Holy Quran in 20 different languages and many others. All of which will be displayed with the new updates.

    Its included features are clear Madani complaint images, ayah bookmarking, audio playback, night mode, and much more.

    2. Al-Quran FREE

    This Quran app is one of the highest installed apps on the Google play store. What makes this app special is that it fits with you as a first-time user since it asks for your reading style for you to choose the one that is most convenient to you.

    This application has a translation feature in many languages as well as customized styling and font that works at any time as per your requirement.

    3. IQuran Lite

    This application is originally displayed in the Arabic language where you have the option to change languages depending on your convenience. You can also get the full Holy Quran in the English language as well as in audio (verse by verse). From here, you can set the file for you to effortlessly learn its correct pronunciation at your own pace.

    This app is one of the best Quran audio apps for android with its top-level user experience. Aside from this, it has various features for you to get which are bookmarking, navigation control, search option, and much more.

    The application comes in two versions: free version and paid version. The paid version was sold for $6.99 which is now being sold at a much-discounted price that is $1.99.

    What makes this app great is that it requires the permission of “real phone states” which is needed for you to pause the reciting when the phone rings as well as when you want to enable the option of playing it as a background during your call.

    4. for Quran study circle members and Quranize Mobile App is a project that aims to help students of the Quran have an in-depth reading of the Quran verse by verse. Its main goal is to put all possible Tafseer and audio material for each verse to ensure that students studying the Quran for Quran Study Circles can be ready for their part on their way.

    As for the audios, they are mapped in such a way that Tafseer will start exactly from the verse itself.



    5. AI Quran (Tafsir & by Word)

    This is one of the most popular and best Quran apps for android since it comes with 35+ languages including English, Spanish, Urdu, Turkish, among others. It is a particularly great android app when coming across its Hindi version and the Hindi language.

    This app is special since it has various accessible features which include:

    - Reading the last verses with the help of a single bookmark feature

    - Making notes of each ayah, and transferring it to any other device

    - Accessing any particular word or verses using the search and highlight option

    - Hearing the whole Quran verse by verse in an audible form without limitation

    - Having downloadable audios of the Quran in an offline form

    It is recommended to share this application with your family and relatives for them to take advantage of the best Quran app for android users.

    6. MP3 Quran

    MP3 Quran has the easiest and highest quality mp3 voice making it one of the best audio Quran apps for android as well as the most downloaded Quran applications on the Google play store.

    When navigating through the app, you will notice its 15 languages where you can pick the one that best matches your convenience. The whole Quran is in audio/mp3 form with its reciters being collectively placed for you to enjoy the audio while traveling, or being stuck in traffic, etc.  

    7. Holy Quran (Read Free)

    This app gives you the real experience when reading the Holy Quran since it contains real Quran scanned pages which makes it impossible to have any errors or mistakes. The color combination of this app is so perfect giving you the best possible reading experience while showing you its upmost attractive design.  

    8. Al Quran MP3 – Quran Reading

    This is a unique application for it is equipped with Ramadan features making sure that you are notified about Ramdan timing, calendar, sehr timing, iftar timing, and others.

    Al Quran Mp3 has the latest and most advanced features that can guide you with focus points making it very easy to understand the Holy Quran.

    Notable Features

    1. Comes with 114 Surahs of Quran that are arranged in proper order

    2. Simplifies the download of any verse and chapter for you to use it anywhere at anytime

    3. Contains almost all languages for you to choose the most convenient one

    4. Results in you learning and properly pronouncing the Quran with the Quran audio app

    5. Includes the Bookmark option for you to start from where you left

    6. Facilitates your learning about Tajweed and its importance

    7. Presents notification for you to know and be reminded of your prayer timing

    This application has all that is needed to enhance your knowledge about the Holy Quran with its complete guide and features being available in one place for you to better understand it.

    9. Quran Majeed

    This app will shape our experience into an easy and comfortable one since it has many amazing and advanced features, an updated version that shows the complete Holy Quran with various beautiful themes, and a timing notification for you to set the alarm and be reminded of your proper prayer timings.

    10. Quran with Urdu Translation

    This application is mainly directed at those who love to read and/or listen to the Urdu language. It has an attractive green color theme that catches the eye. The naming of the app indicates translating each verse of the Holy Quran to the Urdu language which builds in a better learning experience for readers and listeners who can hear the Quran in Urdu.


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